About John Holland

John Holland is a composer and Professor Emeritus in the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. In the early 1980's, he co-founded Nature and Inquiry, an artists group that meets weekly to discuss ideas in art and science. The group has presented work at the MIT Media Lab, the Harvard Smithsonian Observatory, Habitat Institute, The Copley Gallery in Boston, to name a few. For the past 20 years he has taught a class that introduces artists to leading-edge ideas in science. In 2001 the Boston Globe reported that Nature, Science and Art was the most popular class at the College.

Music for Digital Piano and Electronics

The Moby Dick in All of Us  for Digitally Modified Piano and Electronic Sounds  (2009) 9:46

1. Ishmael
2. Queequeg
3. Captain Ahab
4. The Pequod
5. Starbuck
6. Stubb
7. Flask
8. Tashtego
9. Pip
10. Moby Dick

John Holland, Digital Piano

Music for Modified Digital Piano  Set 1 Nos. 1 – 4  (1998)  7:19


Computer-controlled Digital Piano

Concerto for Digital Piano, Percussion, and Electronic Sounds  (2011)  10:55

John Holland, Digital Piano

Exotic Plants  for Modified Digital Piano  (1995)  10:21

1. Air Plant
2. Pitcher Plant
3. Bromeliad
4. Elephant Plant
5. Bird of Paradise

Computer-controlled Digital Piano

Six Quarks for Digital Piano and Computer-generated Sounds  (1996)  11:39

1. Up
2. Down
3. Strange
4. Charmed
5. Bottom
6. Top

Computer-controlled Digital Piano